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Not your mom's historian

Christine ContradaDr. Christine Contrada, fueled by bagels, earned a PhD in history from Stony Brook University on New York’s Long Island.  She was known to go to class with a surfboard strapped to the top of her car, but history is her true passion.  She’s taught countless historical topics over the years at elite liberal arts colleges, public research universities, inner-city and rural community colleges, in continuing education, and for study abroad programs.   No matter where she is, nothing brings her as much joy as getting an adamant naysayer excited about history.

She lectures and writes about connections between history and popular culture so she is always searching, wherever she is, for a hidden corner that has some spicy bit of historical significance to share.  Making any historical topic interesting is her favorite challenge, and she does it well.

Dr. C is a native New Yorker who knows how to properly walk down a sidewalk, and she can parallel park like a boss.  An enigma, she holds both an Italian passport and a Starbucks App close to her heart.

Dr. C is available for

Public Speaking Engagements

Have Dr. Contrada, a seasoned professor, speak at your organization, school, or event.  Dr. C covers a wide variety of historical topics and shares information in a way that is accessible and interesting for all kinds of audiences.  She has spoken in venues large and small, public and private, in the US, UK, Italy, and online.


Do you have a historically minded topic that you want Dr. C to write an article about for your publication?  Dr. C is an accomplished author who also teaches university writing courses.  She has written popular articles for Newsweek, Paste Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The Florentine, and many others.

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