Past Appearances

Jul 12 2023
5:00 PM EST

Join the official launch of Christory! Dr. Christine Contrada will discuss this new venture, where she aims to change the game for people who thought they hated history when they learned it in school.

Apr 21 2022
5:00 PM

When two of your favorite things collide, like that time Garibaldi lived on Staten Island.

Palazzo Baldeschi, Il Comune di Paciano • Paciano, Italy

Dr. Contrada discusses obtaining Italian Citzenship on the Sons of Italy “Italian American Long Island” TV program

Optimum Cable • New York

Pandemic musings about why Mother Cabrini has rockstar level popularity in the Italian American community.

Westchester Italian Cultural Center • Westchester, New York

The Medici are far more entertaining in real life than on Netflix.

Westchester Italian Cultural Center • Westchester, New York

This talk was about the realities of life for elite Renaissance Women, which is not nearly as rosy as popular culture would lead one to believe.

CUNY at Queensborough Community College • Bayside, New York

Invited by the Comune in Florence to talk about Dante and the less than holy nastiness that was politics in the Middle Ages.

Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Il Comune di Firenze • Florence, Italy

Team Pope or Team Holy Roman Emperor? In medieval politics you had to pick your team, and it was way more deadly than the Superbowl!

Paciano, Italy

Shaking up Italian Heritage Day with a consideration of how the #Metoo movement is wildly different between The United States and Italy

Nassau Community College, Italian Heritage Day • Garden City, New York

Lecturing about how it is necessary for Florence to embrace a contemporary reality to keep from becoming Renaissance Disneyland

The Center for Italian Studies, Stony Brook University • Stony Brook, New York